Winner Photos

Photos of clue-finding winners, as posted on their Twitter or Facebook accounts!

Jamie Boudreau, clue #9, Fairmont Olympic

Henry Lo, Clue #33, Nordstrom

Clue #33 and #34; Henry, Brian Canlis, Athena, Mark Canlis

Paula and Brian Canlis, Clue #28, old site of Twin Teepees

Winner clue #27, Husky Stadium

Kristi, Clue #3, Ballard Locks

Howard Schulz, Brian Canlis, Leo Shklovskii winner clue #6

Steve Land, Clue #35, old location Gus's Tavern

Owly Images

Clue #37 found at Jimi Hendrix statue on Capitol Hill.

Greg Barnes found clue #39 at the Museum of Flight

Clues #41/42 were found at Pure Food Fish Market, with the masters of disguise Brian(left) and Mark(right)

Free drinks and truffle fries in in the bar after a clue solution snafu on Clue #44

Team "Menu Impossible" found Clue #49



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