The Daily Clues

Clue #50: May the past provide you (with clues to guide you) great pride for what’s ahead! 4:6:3, 1:3:2, 21:3:11, 45:9:2, 18:4 Location: Kerry Park, beyond the stone fence on the edge of the hill, near one of the telescopes  Explanation: You needed a list of all previous clues by number.  Then in each series (4:6:3), first number was the number of a previous clue (clue #4), second number was the word in the sentence of the clue (word #6), and third number was the letter in the word in the clue (letter #3) NOTE: I was thrilled to learn Brian & Mark used this page of “clue history” to write this clue – validation!!

Clue #49: Eagle red! As seats, eyes rest. Location: Olympic Sculpture Park, at the Typewriter Eraser sculpture Explanation: The clue was an acrostic that spelled ERASER! (first letter of each word in the clue). At the park, there is a red eagle sculpture, a concrete bench sculpture and an Eye Benches sculpture.

Clue #48: Wake up and take your vitamins (photo of a case of Rainier beer) Location: The old Rainier Beer Brewery. Explanation: Rainier was referred to as “Vitamin R” in the humorous 2008 cult film Twilightwhich is set in the logging town of Forks, Washington. NOTE: This clue was posted, without forewarning, at 3:45 a.m. – yet was found in less than 15 minutes!

Clue #47: Who’d have thought Gato would look so graceful, but Micah must have known. Location: At the artwork “From Swords to Plowshares” in Magnuson Park, hidden at the Gato/Grace fin (sneaky clue, posted 20 minutes after Clue #46, without warning!) Explanation: Micah 4:3: They will beat their swords into plowshares. Magnuson Park The Fin Project. Each fin bears a bronze plaque with the names of the submarine it came from (in this case the SSN-615 Gato) and an Orca whale that lives in the Puget Sound (Grace). Hence, Gato looking Graceful.

Clue #46: Use an eclipse to make a period, but red, white and blue would be out of character for the first and last of its kind…later hint given: Bikes are best or bring a friend, there is no parking at the end. Location: The lighthouse at Discovery Park. Explanation: Eclipse, Period, and Character (or characteristic) are all lighthouse terms. The characteristic of the lighthouse at Discovery Park is alternating flashes of red and white (not blue!). Also called West Point Light, the lighthouse was the first and last manually operated lighthouse in Puget Sound.

Clue #45: The organ stops, the circle drops, and captives cry in vain. Location: At the historic site of the Woodland Park Amusement Center across from the zoo.  Explanation: A fire in 1934 burned down the carousel (and pipe organ!) and ferris wheel. According to a news article, the animals (captives) across the street were crying out!

Clue #44: Fit this shoe, have a clue, and come to where the sound debuted. Location: The former site of The Vogue nightclub on Capitol Hill. Explanation: The first words are lyrics from a Nirvana song, and The Vogue is where Nirvana played their first Seattle show in 1988…HOWEVER the Canlis brothers were soon corrected in that The Vogue was located in Belltown when Nirvana played – which led to a magnanimous offer by the Canlis’ to provide free drinks and cocktails in their bar that evening shortly after the hunt ended, for about an hour, to soothe the aggravated clue seekers!

Clue #43: 10 bucks South. Location: The historic site of Dag’s Drive-In on Aurora, about a mile south of Canlis. Explanation:  Dag’s was famous for proclaiming “Canlis is 10 bucks North!” on their sign out front.

Clue #41/42: Buy a vowel: Gr__c_ is to C_nl_s is to c_v__ r, as T_rk_y is to _m_n & C_lv_ is to s_lm_n. Find us. Location: Pure Food Fish Market in Pike Place Market; Brian and Mark each had one menu on them. Explanation: Answer was “Greece is to Canlis is to caviar, as Turkey is to Amon & Calvo is to salmon”. Great grandpa Nicholas Peter Canlis was born in Greece, and Canlis restaurant sells caviar. Pure Food Fish Market began selling seafood to Canlis in the 1970’s, the founder Jack Amon emigrated from Turkey, and current manager Harry Calvo sells salmon.  Obvious! 🙂

Clue#40: AQICTDIWDICTRWIHHOIIHACJAMMQCEKLQMOLMUAHIUO Location: Canlis Glass Gallery + Studio. Explanation: The clue was a keyword cipher, with the keyword being Canlis. Using the website, the deciphered clue translated to BREATHE WHEAT SWELL PEEL BAMBOO RAINDROP DOUBLEUP which are all names of art pieces in the Gallery; a search on revealed the Gallery as the top search result to those words together.

Clue #39: Have no fear, Church is here. But how did she get from here to there? Location: Boeing Model 80A-1 aircraft at the Museum of Flight. Explanation: In 1930, Miss Ellen Church, a student pilot and registered nurse, convinced Boeing management to hire female cabin attendants for their Model 80 flights. She and seven others, all nurses, became America’s first stewardesses.

Clue #38: On his day, 1962: Seattle celebrates an icon in an icon. Both are gone, but not forgotten Location: The site of the of the original Rossellini’s Four-10 Restaurant, located at 410 University in downtown Seattle. Explanation: September 23, 1962, was Edward E. Carlson day at the Century 21 Exposition. Governor Albert Rosellini presented Carlson with an award of merit and that evening an appreciation dinner for Carlson was held at Victor Rosellini’s Four-10 restaurant.

Clue #37: Three days late: DDDBGF#A Where? Cu + Sn Location: Near Jimi Hendrix statue on Capitol Hill, underneath an A frame sign in front of Blick Art store. Explanation: Jimi Hendrix was born Nov. 27, three days before this clue was given.  DDDBGF#A are the notes in the third line of the “Happy Birthday” song. Cu is the sign for copper and Sn is sign for tin; when you mix (+) copper and tin, you get bronze.  So the “where?” was bronze statue of Hendrix.

Clue #36: 206-xxx-1968 Location: Issaquah’s XXX Root Beer Drive-in. Explanation: XXX Root Beer was founded in 1968, and the clue was hidden under table 206.

Clue #35: A historical drinking lesson: Don’t let the mann get you down. Location: Old location of Gus’s Tavern, 23rd & Cherry in Seattle. Explanation: Horace Mann School was 405 feet from Gus’s Tavern, and parents in 1946 complained because taverns were supposed to be at least 500 feet away.

Clue# 33 and #34: Two brothers go shopping downtown in disguise. Both on a mission: gifts for their wives. (Head to Frango’s birthplace) Location: Downtown Seattle Nordstrom store.  Explanation: Frango’s birthplace was Frederick & Nelson department store, the building now inhabited by Nordstrom.  Brian Canlis had one clue on the second floor, women’s wear; Mark Canlis had a clue on third floor, women’s lingerie. Also, today was “Black Friday”, day after Thanksgiving, when stores were full of shoppers.

Clue #32: In the 88th year a secretary’s pen softened insensible hearts. What place have we to be thankful for? Location: Seward Park, at the entrance sign.  Explanation: As U.S. Secretary of State under President Abraham Lincoln in 1864 (88 years after U.S. became an independent country) Seward wrote  “that slavery will be abolished and all slaves must be made unconditionally free”. He also convinced the U.S. to purchase Alaska from Russia.

Clue #31: Follow the trend for what “Brian” should have been. Where does 4:4 and an old glacier leave you? Location: Cowen Park, at the west end of Ravenna Park in Seattle.  Explanation: Cowen Park was carved by the Vashon Glacier. “Brian” Canlis should have been “Luke,” (his older brothers are Matthew and Mark). Luke 4:4 is inscribed on the gate to the park, which was established over 100 years ago.

Clue #30: 18% without 18K could prove a little dicey. So grab your sled and come on down, we’ll meet where it’s less icy. Location: The Counterbalance Park on Queen Anne Hill. Explanation: 18% grade on Queen Anne Hill, 18k was weight of counterbalance (later corrected to 32k), hill is popular sledding spot, this day was incredible snow day in Seattle, causing gridlock everywhere.

Clue #29: XMBMZAIXIZBUMV  Location: The Canlis penthouse, where Peter Canlis used to live. Explanation:  The clue was a substitution cipher for “Peters Apartment”. The alphabet was shifted 60 steps (for our 60th bday) – which is really only 8 steps

Clue #28: Seashells below, smoke rising above, the old Canlis landlord and a colonel unite. Location:  Historic site of the Twin T-P’s restaurant on Aurora Avenue. Explanation: At one point, Walter Clark owned both that restaurant and the land underneath Canlis. (His family was their landlord for over 50 years!) Colonel Sanders (KFC) was employeed at the Twin Teepees and perfected his fried chicken recipe while working there.

Clue #27: A roar of purple overhead, come echos of elation, but to and fro blue shirts would go when Owens ran the nation. Location:  Above the old locker room tunnel inside Husky Stadium. Explanation: The tunnel has since been filled in!  Jim Owens is a former Husky coach when team wore dark blue uniforms (not current purple). Clue was hidden during UW-UCLA football game played on a rare Thursday night for national ESPN TV audience.

Clue # 25/26: On either end of the judge’s trail two menus lie in wait. Be quick my friends, steam on ahead, now go or you’ll be late! Location: The two ends of the Burke Gilman Trail, which was the original site of the Seattle Lake Shore & Eastern Railroad.  Judge Thomas Burke and Daniel Gilman were railroad founders. Menus hidden at both Blythe Park and Golden Gardens.

Clue #24: Annie Reed follows her heart. 1:07:22 Location: Broad and Western streets, downtown Seattle, stuffed into the post that held the Western Ave sign. Explanation: Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) was a character in Sleepless in Seattle; at the 1:07.22 point of the movie, she was driving towards her love Tom Hanks in downtown Seattle at that intersection.

Clue #23: Like, wow! Seattle was saved 34 years ago today. Location: Entrance to Underground Seattle. Scooby Doo cartoon cepisode that aired 11/13/76 took place at Seattle Underground.

Clue# 22: 和牛 at the flagship ya Location: In the Wagyu beef section in the Seattle flagship store of Uwajimaya. The characters are written in Kanji.

Clue #21: “danger of crammenbeer” – say thanks to John G. Location: Garden of Remembrance, next to Benaroya Hall in downtown Seattle.  Explanation: It was a word scramble, and John G is the veteran who runs the museum there. Clue was hidden on Veterans Day.

Clue #20: Three elms to remind us. Location: Downtown Bellevue park at the WWI memorial. Explanation:

Clue #19: Avoiding germs is simple, just don’t take a sample (for Semple’s sake). Location: On the Gum Wall in Post Alley, under Pike Place Market. Explanation: It’s a brick wall covered with used chewing gum, now a tourist attraction. William Semple first patented chewing gum.)

Clue #18: Return Again. If only he could. Location:  Bruce Lee’s grave at Lake View Cemetary on Capitol Hill. Explanation:  Bruce Lee’s real name is Lee Jun Fan (which means “Return Again”).

Clue #17: Moch to the eagle: When is half way enough? Location: Marsh Island at exactly the half way point of the UW crew race course. Explanation: Moch was a rowing legend from UW. “Way Enough” is a coxswain’s command to stop rowing. The eagle reference refers both to the amazing story of Moch sticking it to Hitler in the ’36 Olympics as well as the starting part of the UW race course – the 520 wind sculpture, perhaps the best place in Seattle to spot an eagle.

Clue #16: By and by, 21 left him to fend for himself. Location: Denny Monument at Alki Beach. Explanation: Alki means “by and by” in Chinook. This is where the first Euro-American settlers landed, the Denny Party, with 12 children and 10 adults, but 21 left later leaving only Charles Terry behind.

Clue #15: Reminiscing (photo attached as part of clue) Location: Memorial Stadium at Seattle Center. Explanation: Original Seattle Sounders soccer team played in that stadium. Photo is of Brian Canlis and current Seattle Sounders soccer coach Sigi Schmid sitting in the stadium bleachers, holding that day’s menu.

Clue #14: With Leschi behind her Atlanta would bear, to where steam and gun smoke off filled the air. Location:  The Roanoke ferry landing on Mercer Island. Explanation: Gun smoke: Mercer Island was used as hunting grounds for good people of 1890’s Seattle. The Atlanta was a steam ferry that left Leschi park and stopped at Mercer Island on the way to Newport.

Clue# 13: O’er 100 steps and the view will show, where death once lay, waters now flow. Location: On top of the water tower at Volunteer Park, which originally was no park at all, but a cemetery.

Clue #12: (a photo clue). Location: On the Seattle Monorail. The photo was of the odometer on its
millionth mile. The menu was hidden in Brian Canlis’ jacket as he rode the train

Clue #11: egg’iasm keds Location:  Former U.S. Senator Warren Magnuson’s senate desk at UW’s Suzzallo Library. Explanation of clue: Word scramble of “Maggie’s Desk”

Clue#10: Where ash once swung, pine now rests. Location: Lowes on Rainier Ave: the historic site of Sick’s Stadium, home of the Seattle Rainiers. Explanation: Lowes sells pine lumber, and Rainers baseball team used bats made of ash wood.

Clue #9: T.U-Dub Location: The Fairmont Olympic in downtown Seattle.  Explanation: It’s the original location of the Territorial University of Washington (nicknamed U-Dub)

Clue #8. Is the cup half full or half empty? At 15,300 ft. a little water makes all the difference (plus a mid-hunt clue: Little Water = Tenas Chuck.) Location: The Hiram M. Chittendem Locks. Explanation: Half full/empty refers to filling of Locks. 15,300 ft. is the approximate distance between Lake Union and the Locks.  Tenas Chuck is Native American name for Lake Union.

Clue#7: C:\Burgers> Location: Burgermaster in Bellevue.  Explanation: Microsoft’s headquarters used to be right next door to the Bellevue Burgermaster, and Bill Gates was a regular customer.

Clue#6: I’m enjoying a cup of coffee with Howard Schulz at a Starbucks. First person to find us and say hi wins the menu. Location: the new Olive Way Starbucks

Clue#5: 605 x 138 = 62 Location: Space Needle  Explanation: Space Needle is 605 feet high and 138 feet wide, and opened in 1962 for the World’s Fair.

Clue #4: Six stars and a red bikini: when is the moon a mile away? Location: Blue Moon Tavern in University district of Seattle.  Explanation: Blue Moon logo has six stars in the sky and a woman wearing a red bikini. When the tavern opened in 1934, State law banned alcohol sales within one mile of the University of Washington Campus, and the Blue Moon lay just over the line.

Clue #3: Miss Myrtle…why didst thou shun me? Location: Gasworks Park. Explanation: Gasworks was originally named Myrtle Edwards Park until she withdrew her name in 1972.

Clue #2: It’s Time to open a restaurant Location: Seattle Central Library, hidden in a 1950 Time Magazine (dated week Canlis opened in Seattle).

Clue #1: Squash a Beetle in your hand Location: Aurora Bridge Troll statue in Fremont. Explanation:  The clue was hidden behind the VW (“beetle”) tire held by the Aurora Bridge troll.


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